Oh, here we go again.
2018.11.19Aileen Lee

Oh, here we go again.

Despite backlash against online interaction and how it overshadows meaningful in-person communication, I do thank social media for leading me to ceramic artist Rachel Saunders. Like the many artists I've come to befriend, it was through Instagram where I first noticed her work.

Rachel tries on the Vestige Vitreous Silk Dress in black at her studio in Victoria, BC.

Rachel's ceramic pieces are uniquely raw and perceptive — her aesthetics reflect femininity in fresh, authentic forms.

The first time I landed on her profile, I knew I had to invite Rachel on board for my Story Book project. The mission of the project is simple: I am documenting artists from multiple disciplines, in hopes of inspiring others onto a path of creativity. Luckily, my proposal was met with an enthusiastic response and Rachel began to write her story.

The Vestige Story Book is a collection of artists' stories that focuses on memorable moments in their life. I believe each person has a unique story to tell — and my intention is to provide an unfiltered glimpse beyond the artist's public profile. There already exists a plethora of online interviews that illustrate an artist's work process and success. This time, I hope that inspiration will be delivered from a different side of the story. 

And Rachel's story is certainly unique. It is one that spans three generations  starting with an introduction of her "Nana". From farm animals to afternoons with the guitar to her transformative journeys, it is a short tale that is bathed in magic, woven from strands of insight that eventually shaped Rachel's artistic works.

Although a release date has yet to be set for the Story Book, I encourage you to visit Rachel Saunders Ceramics for details of her beautiful work. I have yet to meet this artist in person, but even via an online connection, it is evident that Rachel is one very special woman.

Message labels are inserted into our clothing, each with a graphic that corresponds to an artist I interview for the Story Book. To represent Rachel, I created the quirky "Oh, here we goat again" label, with an illustration of a goat from her childhood. Learn more about our message labels.

Photography of Rachel Saunders by Guy Ferguson.

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