Goods with stories to tell.

At Vestige, we craft future artifacts through intentional practice. We believe slow fashion starts with good design: with conscious textiles, multi-wear styles and a minimal beauty that can extend the life of our wardrobes.

From an English Literature major to an award-winning self taught designer, Aileen Lee first trained as a wordsmith but has loved all things creative since birth. This passion led her to start Vestige in 2015. She uses storytelling and design to deepen human bonds with our possessions. She also draws inspiration from the diverse cultures in our community, and strives to craft evolving lifestyle pieces that showcase quiet creativity.

“The poetic value of Vestige’s products and the method of make is beautifully interwoven around minimal beauty and the gravity of storytelling.” - Katie Becker, chief creative officer at Arc’teryx

Made in Canada.

Partnering with a production house from Aileen’s hometown, our local seamsters in Vancouver are paid a living wage, ensuring quality and style in our small batch production. They have decades of manufacturing experience, a rarity in the declining Canadian garment industry. Our fabrics are sourced directly from local distributors, with a primary focus on sustainable, plant-based textiles.

By choosing to manufacture locally, we not only support our local economy but also uphold stringent environmental and labor standards. We want to instil fashion with purpose; and create clothing that embodies the values of community, and sustainability, while celebrating the rich heritage of Canadian craftsmanship.

How do we make slow fashion more accessible?

[ 1 ] Markup: The markup covers our overhead and wholesale costs. Unlike industry standards where markups can go up to 350%, Vestige garments are crafted with pricy local production and high quality fabrics at the expense of our margin. 

[ 2 ] Production: Working with local tailors cost 2-3 times more than overseas manufacturing, but our closeness with our production house provides quality reassurance — and friendship. The process is full of care and creativity, from start to finish. 

[ 3 ] Pattern making: a simple pattern can take multiple revisions.

[ 4 ] Fabric: We source from local distributors to select the best possible fabrics. Our production runs and fabric buys are small, but never wasteful.

[ 5 ] Design and marketing: Vestige is a one-woman-band, and the designs and photography are done by yours truly at a low cost. We also have a bare bone budget for marketing, preferring to rely on word-of-mouth over ads.

Designs for the quiet change-maker. Traces of our existence.

Fashion and literature share a profound connection, both serving as vessels for storytelling and expressions of personal and cultural narratives. Just as a well-crafted novel transports readers to different worlds and evokes emotions through its words, clothing has the power to convey stories, identities, and experiences through its design, fabrics, and craftsmanship.

As we grow older, our wardrobe becomes a reflection of our journey, documenting the passage of time and the evolution of our personal style. These garments, like well-loved books on a shelf, bear the marks of our experiences – a stain from a memorable meal, a tear mended with care, or a faded color from years of wear. They become tangible reminders of the lives we've lived, the places we've been, and the people we've met along the way.

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