Let's share meaningful narratives.

Vestige is the poetic synthesis between the essence of minimalistic beauty and the gravity of storytelling. Stories collected from women of different paths form the basis of our designs, which are then woven, sewn or embroidered into each garment. Storytelling has long established its place as the most essential tradition of all human culture. We hope this precious custom can extend beyond the literature and media we consume, and permeate the very products we use in our daily lives.


The stories we collect are woven into our designs — be it in the form of collaborative projects, embroideries on our products or inspiration for our collections. 

We talk to artists from all walks of life.


The End Is Just Another Beginning

The End Is Just Another Beginning

A story about our embroidered Intuit Tee collaboration with Vancouver-based floral designer Eriko Semitsu. I first met Eriko Semitsu when I entered the creative industry and founded Vestige Story. Before Eriko, I had no idea “floral designer” was an actual occupation. In fact, my initial impression was that a “floral designer” must be a la-di-da title for a “florist”. This prejudice quickly dispelled. From making deconstructed bouquets at photo...

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