Vestige is a lifestyle brand that produces premium clothing and goods. We aim to promote mindfulness through the stories and messages we create every collection. Our designs are inspired by stories of artists, and the lessons we learn from their experiences.

"When Vestige Story started, I realised that I wanted to be in the business of promoting lifestyle, not trends. I also found out very soon that I wasn’t very profit-centric. Regardless, I felt a calling to run my own business, and build my own brand. That’s when I knew that I can use my artistic skills, passion and imagination to reinterpret “fashion” for people like myself." -- Aileen (founder and designer)

So that’s how we started. Today, we say that Vestige Story is a clothing brand for Mindful Creatives. We strive to empower other women with mindfulness and creativity — two qualities that we see as being closely linked to lasting happiness in life.

All of our pieces are made in Vancouver, BC. Our fabrics are made in Japan.