About Vestige

Goods with stories to tell.

Vestige is the poetic synthesis between the essence of minimalistic beauty and the gravity of storytelling. Stories collected from women of different paths form the basis of our designs, which are then woven, sewn or embroidered into each garment. Storytelling has long established its place as the most essential tradition of all human culture. We hope this precious custom can extend beyond the literature and media we consume, and permeate the very products we use in our daily lives.

Vestige currently operates as an one-woman-band that focuses on premium lifestyle goods for a mindful and creative lifestyle. However, my work rarely only involves myself. Instead, it is the gracious result of endless collaborations with the community.

For our small batch clothing, we work with local tailors in Vancouver B.C. who are paid a living wage. They are women who have accumulated decades of garment experience under their belt. Together, we make pieces that are meant to last a lifetime in both areas of quality and style.

For our cut-and-sewn accessories, we employ the skills of program graduates from the non-profit society Common Thread. They are an organization dedicated to providing training and employment in sewing and craft to people with social and work barriers. Just as we find passion and meaning in our work at Vestige, we hope to give back by providing the same opportunity to those in need.

For our embroidered goods, we collaborate with artists from all walks of life. They are first asked to hand write a message, which we then turn into a limited edition embroidery. We hope to share the unique voices of these talented individuals with our audience. On top of collaborated work, our in-house designs start from my own hand-drawn illustrations. We digitize and sew all embroidery at our Vancouver studio.

10% of profit from our embroidery designs will be donated to organizations that advocate literacy.