Welcome to our newest project — the Vestige Story Book.

To gain inspirations for our designs, we have always looked to artists in different fields. In fact, each collection we create is inspired by real women and the crafts they make. Themes of our previous collections were the botanical engineer, the pastry chef, the landscape painter and so forth. Our current season surrounds the works and lifestyle of the ceramic artist. We create garments to work in, and to live in.

This Story Book is our way of giving back to these wondrous individuals. The written pieces are penned by the artists themselves, focused on telling special moments that impacted their work. We want their stories to be told  so that they may inspire you to do something creative too!


Our first Vestige Story Book is The Ceramic Artist Issue, featuring artists that inspired our Fall Winter 2017' Kiln Collection.

Featured Artists
Baigong Collective, Beanpole Pottery, Cathy Terepocki Ceramics, Dahlhaus Art, Halsion Collective, Illyria Pottery, Janaki Larsen, Natasha Alphonse, Notary Ceramics, Nur Ceramics, Olivia Walker Ceramics, Rachel Saunders Ceramics.

With over 100 pages of stories and watercolour illustrations, this printed book is a real-life-tale picture-book designed for grown ups.

If you are interested in pre-ordering a book, please email us at info@vestigestory.com. Otherwise, subscribe to our newsletter so we can keep you posted on our launch dates.