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Kerri Pfeifer is a Vancouver based florist and the creative mind behind Rogue Florist. Her style is unconventional, free, and organic, as she is in person. Her strength plays well in using unnoticed elements that is growing right in our backyard. Kerri is a supporter of Vestige Story since the beginning and her amazing floral talent served as an inspiration to this season's collection. When she's not foraging for new plants or being creative in her studio, she enjoys spending time with her adorable 10 months old daughter and hiking in Vancouver's beautiful nature.

Photo by Gillian Stevens, wearing our Sage Pants in Tan

How did you get into this field? What is it about this field that entices you?

Kerri: I started working with flowers totally randomly. I replied to a nondescript temporary job over Christmas one year and it happened to be at one of the best flower shops in the city. They asked me to stay on after the holidays and I apprenticed there for 3 years

What is your typical day like?

Kerri: I am the mother of a sweet and funny 10 month old baby, so my day pretty much revolves around her. E-mails are answered over coffee/breakfast, playtime and walks involve foraging for greenery. She loves to visit the auction and wholesalers and she is quite popular there! I try to break up my time in the studio so she doesn’t get too bored there. Ideally we are all done by dinner time so we can enjoy family time when my husband is home from work.

We noticed that you always prefer to source locally, why is that?

Kerri: The global impact of the conventional flower industry is really heinous! It just doesn’t make sense (to me) to ship flowers halfway across the world when our own flowers are so beautiful. I really try to bring our attention to the beauty that we have surrounding us every day here in Vancouver.


Any advice on home floral arrangements for this season?

Kerri: We are entering my very favourite season, Winter/Christmas. When it’s perfectly excusable to have boughs of fresh greens and even a whole living tree in your house. I like to walk and forage branches of droopy cedar or sprightly pine and rest them (out of water even) on a mantle or down the centre of your table. Everything is so hardy during this season, so you can pretty much hang anything and it won’t wilt. Look for seeded ivy taking over a wall or a fence, usually people even encourage you to clip some for your home!

Published on December 1st 2015 by
Annie Kao
An enthusiast for all things beautiful, Annie Kao brings her business background into Vestige along with her passion for good design. When she isn’t working on Vestige, she enjoys cooking, re-arranging her Pinterest board, and learning something new.