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HARU :: the season after winter and before summer, in which vegetation beings to appear.

In celebration of Spring, three Vancouver-based artists came together for a project dedicated to exploring the natural elements of their craft. Etsuko of Etsuko Photography uses only natural light in her portraits, often shooting non-models -- making the ordinary extraordinary. Eriko, floral designer of Celsia Floral, has an innate talent with plants and botany, creating delicate, rustic arrangements that are elegant and full of life. Attuned to nature, Eriko would add a wildflower or an ivy leaf here and there, so that her bouquets harmonized with the environment of our shoot locations. Vestige participated with myself, the designer, wearing pieces made from all natural fabrics such as soft cottons, linen and wool. Featured are my favorite pieces, selected from the Vestige AW2015 and SS2016 collections.

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Clothing designed by Vestige. Floral styling by Eriko. Photography by Etsuko. ETSUKO | ERIKO| AILEEN

Published on March 20th 2016 by
Aileen Lee
Founder Aileen Lee is a self-taught designer with a background in English literature and interest in fashion. So upon receiving her Masters in fashion management, she decided to make her passion a reality.