The spirit of Christmas is found from within.

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Christmas and year end festivities may mean something different for every person, but at Vestige we believe it is a season for reflecting and giving.

Vestige Christmas2 web2 The Lilium Bottle Tee in rose reads: flourish with mindful planning and beautiful improvisation.

Just as each Vestige Bottle Tee holds a message, we encourage you to write one of your own for the dear and near. It could be a quote, a story or simply a line of openness. Christmas is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with friends you could not make time for or family you have not visited in months. Sincerity always begins from within.

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Hence, in appreciation of everyone's support, we want to share our Christmas message with a card designed for you. Thank you for being with us since we first launched, and we hope much joy will be spread with these print-out greeting cards!

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The print-your-own Vestige Christmas Cards are designed for letter size 8.5 x 11" paper. Click "https://[Blue Christmas]" or "https://[Green Christmas]" to download the pdf files. Merry Christmas!

Published on December 14th 2015 by
Aileen Lee
Founder Aileen Lee is a self-taught designer with a background in English literature and interest in fashion. So upon receiving her Masters in fashion management, she decided to make her passion a reality.