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Styling ¦ Exposition

Styling ¦ Exposition

Styling ¦  Hills of Kerrisdale.

A look at how one of our Vestige retailer Hills of Kerrisdale and Hill Dry Goods style pieces from our Exposition Collection. The collection is available in store only.

Hills is a series of family-owned and operates boutiques in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

Most of us who grew up in Vancouver know of Hills. 

Located in the tranquil Kerrisdale neighbourhood, inside a heritage building, this iconic shop possesses a certain classic charm. Its interior has a hint of vintage with warm oak floors, but its wooden shelves are filled with a wide range of contemporary clothing and accessories. As a little girl, I used to pass by this olive green building and peer into its big windows to pine for the pretty clothes they have on display. 

It has been many years since, and the store is still filled with beautiful collections, with both big brand names and independent labels. When they first picked up Vestige, you can imagine my excitement. Tracing back from a child's first window-shopping experience to having her own creations in a shop she admired — it was a dream come true.

Let's take a look at some of the Vestige pieces currently available at Hills of Kerrisdale and Hills Dry Goods.

The styling team at Hills added colour to our Ethos Top and Vim Pants with a pair of bold patterned booties. What we love about this outfit is its versatility. The booties exude edgy, while a pair of heels would make it perfect for formal occasions. The top and pants are made of a light, airy rexcell fabric — a textile that feels very similar to silk, but instead is made from the pulp of naturally harvested eucalyptus. These pieces are suited for all-season wear.

Our signature Monad Jumpsuit was styled with a beautiful sheer floral top from another designer brand. The contrast between the voluminous sleeves and the cinched waist creates an interesting silhouette that flatters curves. Our Monad Jumpsuit can be worn with or without the belt, for a fitted or relaxed look. We also don't sew belt loops on, so that the bodice retains a clean, minimal look.

One of our favourite item from the Exposition Collection is the Axiom Dress. Also designed with our Japanese rexcell fabric, it drapes beautifully over diverse body types. The colour of this piece is a deep midnight blue, suitable for those who seek neutral tones, but have grown weary of black. Fully lined and front-back reversible, we think this makes it a perfect holiday dress.

Lastly, here is our Acuity Coat styled with a mint-green dress and a cream sweater. The coat comes with a wide removable scarf, which adds to the intentional layered look. Made with a 100% cotton herringbone fabric we imported from Japan, the coat is warm and soft (feels a lot like wool!), and fully lined. 

If you are new to Vancouver, or haven’t been to Hills in a while, do pay them a visit the next time you are in the area! We'd love to hear about your feedback on the Vestige pieces once you have seen them in person. 

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