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Styling ¦ Acuity Coat

Styling ¦ Acuity Coat

Last week, we stopped by one of our local retailer Out & About in Gastown Vancouver. To our delight, most of the winter pieces were sold out  just in time for us to bring in new products for Spring.

Out & About is one of the true treasure troves found in Vancouver. They carry all sorts of cultural goodies, ranging from indie Japanese brands to quirky stationary to coveted books and unconventional homeware. 

Shop co-owner Cecilia is a multi-talented young woman. When she is not greeting customers at the shop or tackling tricky buying decisions, she relishes in her passion for photography. During our visit, she shared with us a beautiful series of photos she snapped with customer Tohmm Cobban in the Vestige Acuity Coat.

Cecilia still remembers the time when she met Tohmm. He owns an architecture practice and is stationed in an office on the second floor of the same historic building as their shop. When Out & About opened their doors for the first time in May last year, Tohmm walked in and introduced himself.

"Tohmm is someone who is easy to be friends with," Cecilia laughed as she pointed at a photo of Tohmm sporting a watchful smile, "—if he chooses to."

She went on to describe the man. He was artistic and insightful, and had been delightfully neighbourly to her team. His friendliness helped make their new presence as a Gastown vendor feel welcomed. He was inquisitive, loved going to the movies and had a sophistic air of nostalgia about him.

Cecilia also loved how the Acuity Coat looked on Tohmm. Its over-sized silhouette made it perfect for unisex wear, and she thought its deep charcoal colour added a sense of refinement to the piece.

"I adore the fabric and the fact that it comes with a detachable scarf. Tohmm loves it. It's not his usual style but it is nice to try something different." 

Tohmm has been in the architectural practice for over 15 years. His portfolio showcases a vast variety of projects, including homes, retail shops, restaurants, a public square, an animal clinic, a theatre building, and other commercial and residential works. The Vestige team is flattered to see our designs worn by local talents like himself.

Photography of Tohmm Cobban (tohmmcobban.com) by Cecilia Liu (outnaboutboutique.com).

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