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Collective ¦ K × Etsuko

Collective ¦ K × Etsuko

Photography ¦ Etsuko Lee.
Jewellery ¦  Sarah Mulder Jewellery.
Model ¦ Kristina Terentyeva from Alaeria Agency.

A snippet of our most recent collaboration with Vancouver-based photographer Etsuko Lee.  


I've lost track of how many collaborations we have done with photographer Etsuko Lee  and her quiet, thoughtful portraits never cease to amaze.

Featuring pieces from our yet-to-launch Storyteller Collection, model Kristina joined us for an afternoon in Etsuko's home studio. We have seen Kristina's beautiful, regal look on the Alaeria portfolio  she seemed like an ice queen, we thought.

"This is a jumpsuit I never knew I needed to have!"

Kristina laughed as she danced around in the white cotton Monad Jumpsuit. Contrary to what we imagined, her manners were open and unaffected. Her perfect complexion was complimented with a warm, genuine smile.

But once on set, her blue eyes settled into a calm, steady gaze. Kristina is an aspiring psychiatrist who is studying at college, and hopes to work with children one day. Her movements were relaxed and natural, a reflection of her unassuming character. She was the perfect subject for Etsuko's portraits. 

Kristina wears the Monad Jumpsuit in white, Ad Hoc Top in ecru, Priori Top in Taupe.

Contrary to the people who visit her studio, Etsuko is a quiet soul, not one for small talk. We often spend afternoons together, each engaged with our own work and laptops. Yet, her work truly speaks for itself. Our passion for creativity  hers in the form of photography and mine in the form of design  is what brings us together time after time.

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