It started with an empty space.


We unpacked, built, hung and painted. The place was looking a bit white-washed, so we added flowers. Rogue Florist came by with her exquisite floral creations. Coincidentally, her business launched in this same space just a year ago.

A bit of nature, here and there.

Finding meaning goes beyond looking pretty. We strive for lasting impact. Our designs only use premium, natural fabrics that can stand the test of time, and we wanted the look of the store to reflect this.


And then, we stocked, until each corner is filled with wonder.


Vestige+ is a new concept in experiment, meaning “Vestige, and more”. To build on this lifestyle concept, we stocked the store with works of local vendors. Each piece is carefully curated with featured talents: Foe and Dear jewelry, Woodlot candles, Noonmoon Postcards, Happy Knots caligraphy, Sophia Hsin photography, Haejin Lee Ceramics and Oollo Tea.


We finished the window display to welcome our guests for the night. Lines were added with strings to create a textured backdrop. Naturally, we placed our signature product up front. Our premium tops are packaged in a Vestige bottle — with a little message tucked inside.


And at 7:00 pm, the Vestige Launch Party began. People were piling through the door and DJ Nico was ready to rock. We had over 300 visitors throughout the evening! This memorable moment marks the beginning of Vestige.


Thank you for being with us right at the start.

Vestige will continue to create for seasons to come.

Published on April 30th 2015 by
Aileen Lee
Founder Aileen Lee is a self-taught designer with a background in English literature and interest in fashion. So upon receiving her Masters in fashion management, she decided to make her passion a reality.