Quality clothing is not a disposable fad, or just a functional piece of fabric and thread. Fashion cultivates culture and shapes our identity. The way we dress reflects the inner workings of our mind. For some, it is as an a outlet for expression. For us, a design is capable of creating its own dialogue that others can relate to.

While experimenting with the concepts of fashion and story-telling, Vestige was born.

Each season, Vestige tells a tale of two individuals, brought together by a message in a bottle. In a time and age where communication is sparse and undervalued, we showcase how inspiring and precious connecting with others can be. Every story works to bring two seemingly different souls together, forming a harmonious collection.


Our signature top is packaged in a glass bottle, each with a little message inside.

There is no beginning and no end to our story — it continues from season to season.

Published on February 12th 2015 by
Aileen Lee
Founder Aileen Lee is a self-taught designer with a background in English literature and interest in fashion. So upon receiving her Masters in fashion management, she decided to make her passion a reality.