Every season at Vestige, we get to experience the styling wonder that is Salon Esprit.


We start with a vision.


Vestige's AW2015 collection is a tale that surrounds Maddie -- a poised, thoughtful botanical engineer who struggles with her current experiments. As her story unfolds, she retrace her methodical approachs and overcome challenges with a reinvented perspective. This is a story of growth and preseverence.

Maddie arrived with a fresh face.

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Upon hearing the Vestige story, Aiko instinctively knew the style she wanted to create. Her intepretation of Maddie's character is a young woman of serious intent, with her hair twisted up in a low bun as she work.


As Aiko began her handiwork, Akane assembled an exquisite mix of neutrals on her make up palette. “Maddie is an artistic intellectual” she explained, “hence she prioritise her pursuits over surface appearances.” As a botanist, Maddie is indeed surround by beauty that is only natural.


At the end of the session, Maddie was in character.


Every session spent with this talented crew is a fascinating experience.

Blog8 The beautiful team behind our AW2015 story.

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Published on February 1st 2016 by
Aileen Lee
Founder Aileen Lee is a self-taught designer with a background in English literature and interest in fashion. So upon receiving her Masters in fashion management, she decided to make her passion a reality.