Originally trained as a Marine Biologist, Alison Page is a Vancouver based photographer, instagrammer, and botanical enthusiast. Her love for plants and nature was influenced by her family from a small age. She continues to grow her passion through experimental indoor gardening and uses it as an inspiration for her photography. We love Alison's natural style of visual storytelling and her scientific background resonates with our girl Maddie this season.

Outfit photography by: Issha Marie and Lucy Yun, wearing our Acacia Skirt in Fern.

What does the art of botany mean to you?

Alison: As a photographer, I draw inspiration from the natural world, and I love using plants and flowers in my work whenever I can.

How does the practice of home gardening impact our society?

Alison: I’ve lived in a downtown apartment with no patio for years. So I’ve turned to indoors gardening as my way of bringing nature in my home. I dream of one day having enough outdoor space to expand my plant family.

I believe caring for plants is therapeutic and can help people relax and relieve stress. It is a fun, relaxing hobby that anyone can enjoy.

Name your current plants!

Alison: 4 pineapple plants 5 lychees (sprouted from seed) 2 avocados (sprouted from seed) 3 maiden hair ferns 1 staghorn fern (platycerium bifurcatum) 1 lipstick plant (aeschynanthus lobbianus) 3 orchids 6 oxalis 9 airplants (various tillandsia) Various succulents (aloe vera, haworthia, firesticks, hens & chicks)

Alison floral

What is the most rewarding process in gardening?

Alison: For me, sprouting a plant from seed, figuring out how to rescue an ailing plant in my collection or watching one bloom is the most rewarding

Last but not least - we asked Alison to give us a message that has inspired her and would like to pass on:

Alison: "Surround yourself with plants that make you smile, give you energy and inspire you :)"

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