Dec-21-2014-VESTIGE-ROLL-1-400H-002 Mood shot for the Vestige Spring Summer 2015 look book.

Vancouver based photographer Darian Wong is the artist behind the serene, dreamy images from Vestige’s first look book. The team first met with him at the Greenhorn Cafe. Reserved and quiet, Darian spoke about his craft with conviction and passion. We knew we had found our guy.

What does the world look like when you see it through your lens?

Whenever I find myself looking into the glass, through the lens, ready to make a capture — it is an action of intention which usually requires presence in the moment and an attentiveness to what is going on in front of me. Everything goes quiet. That is when the world becomes the frame, and the capture happens when the frame resolves in a way that works for me. This is the process of my photography. It’s an intuition.

Screen-Shot-2015-04-15-at-9.29.22-pm Darian shot our first look book with film.

I simply love shooting film. Both film and digital formats have their merits, but film compliments my process more so than digital photography does. Working with film forces you to slow everything right down and really think and pay attention to what you’re doing. Because you don’t have infinite shots and many film cameras don’t have all the latest technology, you have to be much more deliberate and precise when you’re shooting. There’s an atmosphere that film communicates that is very je ne sais quoi; a quietness and a rawness.

Shooting film can be more challenging because you’re not getting the instant feedback on your shots that you can with a digital system. It is a much more deliberate workflow. The process of handling and processing film is also very physical. It is rewarding at times to get away from computers and data, and instead see your hard work embodied in something tangible.

Dec-29-2014-VESTIGE-ROLL-2-400H-008-004-small Outdoor shot for the Vestige Spring Summer 2015 look book.

I really enjoyed working with Vestige on their first season, especially as I was encouraged to visually interpret their story in my own way. Hence I took a conceptual approach — especially with Amanda’s portion of the story while maintaining the clean vibe of the Vestige brand. Amanda’s character is a beautiful girl who feels isolated in her immediate world. A major running theme with her is dreaming so I wanted to keep her shots minimal, ambiguous and light. I also shot some double exposures to create a dreamlike atmosphere. The material given was fun to work with, and having an actual, fictitious story is an unique way to approach a look book. I look forward to reading their next story.


For more of Darian’s works, visit his beautiful gallery.

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Aileen Lee
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